Problem-Solving Fraction Fun!

img_7766Do you know what’s just as much fun as reading with our reading buddies?  Problem-solving fun fractions with our ‘math’ buddies!

Mrs. Bulawka’s class started by reading us part of The Cookie Fiasco by Dan Santat. The characters in the story had a BIG problem – there were four friends, but only three cookies!  They didn’t know how to make it fair!

Our older buddies gave us options of manipulatives and tools to figure this out.  Some children made models and tried cutting them into the correct number of pieces,

while others figured it out by drawing pictures of the cookies and the people,

Another popular strategy was to rearrange blocks to represent the cookies,

and comparing shapes helped as well.

It was interesting to hear their thinking, and see how many different ways they figured this out!

Click here if you’d like to listen to The Cookie Fiasco with your child.  Ask them to explain to you how they figured out how to share the cookies!



We have been learning about symmetry in math!

What does symmetry means?  How do we know if something is symmetrical?

“It’s the same on both sides.’

“Put a mirror in the middle.”

“Look – half is on this side and the other half is the same, too!”

We tried drawing the other side of our face, finishing drawings of animals, painting beautiful butterflies, and finishing a design with pattern blocks.  Over the next few weeks, please take a few minutes and see if you can find examples of symmetry!





Gingie the Bookworm

Welcome, Gingie!


Kindergarten B is excited to have Gingie join our class!  Gingie is our class bookworm.  Every time we read another five books, we add another piece!  Every time a child reads five or more times at home, we also add another piece!

Students have a new reading/bookworm tracking sheet in their Bear Bags that are coming home today.  We’ve included ‘just right’ books for them to read – but go ahead and read your own bedtime stories, too!  Every day that you read with your child, please sign or initial Gingie’s reading log!

Reading daily with your child builds a lifelong reading habit!  Hopefully they will continue to read, read, read!

Wow!  Look at Gingie grow!


Happy 101st Day!

Yesterday was our 100th day of school in Kindergarten B!  We celebrated by doing some of the things we’ve learned to do over the last five months!  We have been learning to print our names, learn the alphabet, read books, tell stories, figure out math, sing songs, play games in gym, build structures, problem-solve, explain what we’re thinking, get dressed to go outside, and play nicely with our friends.  What a great start to school!


We’re looking forward to the second half of the school year!

Brrr. Keeping warm!

Wow!  It’s hard to believe that we’re almost finished January!

Thank goodness we were able to have some great outdoor play before this cold weather came!  Mr. Reid and the grade Three class went sliding with us!  It was a great opportunity for us to get to know some of the bigger kids better!


We were talking about how we have to bundle up to stay warm in the cold, which led us to discussions about polar bears and seals.  Before we knew it, inquiring minds needed to know how they lived outside ALL winter!  We made some predictions, and tried them out.  Did mittens keep us warm in cold water?  Shaking off the water?  Bare hands?!?  (Not so much….)


How about a layer of fat to keep out the cold?  (Wow!  Yes!)


We are going to be trying out some new experiments – we will keep you posted on what we learn!  🙂

Delicious Christmas Lunch!

Our school family celebrated the upcoming season with a delicious lunch in the gym today!  Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped cook the turkeys, mashed potatoes, gravy and broccoli!  There were even veggies and dip!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We all sat and ate together.  It didn’t take us as long to enjoy our meal as it took to prepare it!

We are also trying to fill our Christmas Cheer box with toiletries and non-perishable food items!  Our class goal is 100!  Then we can help others enjoy a wonderful meal just like we did!


Kindergarten B

How to Decorate a ‘Recycled’ Door!

Did you hear?  We tied for third in GLC’s Recycled Door Decorating Challenge!

We found what we needed in the recycling bins, like yogurt cups, milk cartons, juice boxes, and pop tabs.

First, we figured out how many juice boxes we needed to overlap to make our tree:

Then, we finished attaching all of the boxes and cut the bottoms so that they looked more like branches:

We had a finished tree, but it needed decorations!  The children traced cookie cutters on the silver side of the extra juice boxes.  Of course, they looked better with a bit of glitter!  🙂

A paper chain garland?  How about one with strips of the yogurt cups?

Then, we needed some lights!  They decided to paint pop tabs that we could string on ribbon:

When it was all assembled, we looked it over one last time….  And it looked like we needed more ornaments!

Overall, we’re pretty pleased with our door decoration!  We turned it into an
“I Spy” door – hopefully everyone will come and see it next Tuesday!  Our Christmas Concert is Tuesday, December 19th at 6:00 – families, check out our door when you come to school!  See you then!